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About Nozem

Nozem Barbershop and Nozem Tattoo in Southeast Drenthe was already the place for the headstrong somewhat rebellious cross-thinker.

These men-only formulas (allowing women to turn a blind eye) have been enticing the hip, self-confident man for quite some time. Last but not least because of the strong expressos or tasty whiskeys. Here you like to sit still to be cut and trimmed professionally and with panache according to the latest trends and with a touch from the 50’s, the time of the brutal nozems of yesteryear.

To complete the lifestyle concept, Gerald Croes and Arie Klein have joined forces and the start of nozemstore.nl is a fact. Here you will find a well-stocked casual clothing line full of beautiful basics such as sweaters and hoodies. It is stylish and timeless with (retro) elements from the skate, surf and motorsport world. With brands such as NoZem, 13andahalf, Dickies, Holy Freedom, Carhartt and Roeg, these brands emphasize the quirky and tough style of the trend-conscious male and female visitor. So be alert, many a friend will gladly take these comfortable items for herself … A wide range of very cool helmets complements the collection.

In order to calm your hair and beard after a ride on your motorcycle or any other inimitable action, the various styling products of Hunebed Hold are indispensable in the inner pocket of your biker or jacket. Nozstore.nl has an extensive range of hair & beard care products and good perfumes. Ultimately also suitable as a gift or as a one of a kind business gift.